Get to Know Mashal


Get to Know Mashal


Meet Mashal

Ana Capital's Lead Trader

Mashal Sana is a 26-year-old astute entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people attain financial freedom. Mashal’s business acumen lies in the investing and trading in the stock market. He has made this a primary focus in business because he detests it when clients are being taken advantage of by financial institutes.

Mashal has achieved tremendous success in this career path through compassionate service and most importantly, placing the success of others as a priority. The 26-year-old had a very interesting startup which many people believed was unprofitable at the time. At age 20, he ventured into sales which were the stepping stone to greater heights. Turning 23, he was already tagged to be the youngest Vice President who ever served in a telecom company. Not stopping there, he decided to go into investing and trading full time which has been a remarkable experience for him.

The vibrant entrepreneur has an infectious obsession to learn and grow which has highly contributed to his work and success as a person. A result from his obsessiveness for growth apparent in his trading program which he markets to help people learn from basics to the complex on the mastery of trading. Being experienced for several years as a trader was the fuel behind the fire to start up a Trading Company. He delights in helping his clients understand what investing is all about and devising new means to make their experiences better.

Mashal is endowed with a unique lifestyle and approach towards life inspire people to believe they could be better than what they are. Moreover, he derives great joy in giving back to people to make sure they make more on their money. He is currently working on launching his investment fund known as “Ana Capital.” A diligent and brilliant problem-solver, connect with him today and take charge of your financial life just as he has.

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